Frequently Asked Questions

Safety provision of our members is one of our top priorities and we work hard to ensure the best experience investing with our company. There are several professionals in the company that constantly monitor activity on our networks and limit access to your data. The servers are provided with DDoS protection handled by our specialists. No doubt, SSL Security Certificates is a mandatory, all come with strongest SSL Encryption available.

Our public activity is reflected daily on our web-site, Facebook and other Social Media. Each of you can trace the daily progress of our investments. As far as, the investment strategies and important trading records is confidential information it is not for public realm. If you'd like to view our daily progress, please use Member's area interface – reflection is in the tab "Trading Reports".

As far as we process all income within the offshore zone, we eliminate any possible tax obligation for getting our clients satisfied by the experience while operating their investments.

We require all participants to be 18 years of age or older.

At the present moment, we accept Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Stellar and USD PAX. You can fund your account by sending us a payment through one of the e-currency gateways.

E-wallet is a type of electronic card which is used for transactions made online through a computer or a smartphone. Its utility is same as a credit or debit card. An E-wallet needs to be linked with the individual's bank account to make payments. E-wallet is a type of pre-paid account in which a user can store his/her money for any future online transaction. An E-wallet is protected with a password.